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Sheltered Workshops Exchange Day

Berlin Sheltered Workshops e.V.

June 2016 - October 2017

Workshops for people with disabilities are places of social inclusion and appreciation. Nevertheless, prejudices persist. A new format was supposed to change this: employees from sheltered workshops in Berlin swapped jobs with employees from local companies for a day.  

In a 16 month process, a small team and I developed the concept for the accompanying campaign with the same principle: no one can convey the uniqueness of the workshops better than the employees themselves. With over 20 coaching sessions, we supported the employees in telling their perspective in written texts, photos and videos. The result was a broad spectrum of authentic contributions, which were regularly published on the campaign blog. With unique claims, an appealing campaign design, a barrier-free website and a range of print materials, we provided everything else needed for a campaign of this scope. The action day was a great success: 318 people with and without disabilities from over 80 companies, public institutions, charities and 17 workshops took part in the 2017 action day. Since then the format has been repeated annually.

My Part: Project Management, Communication Concept & Strategy, Copy-Writing, Workshops & Facilitation, Consultation.

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