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Openness as a Strategy

On behalf of Wigwam eG for Berlin Real Estate Management GmbH

February 2017 - July 2018

With over 500 employees, the Berlin Real Estate Management (BIM) administers around 5,000 state-owned properties. One of its key tasks is ensuring sustainable urban development. In the past years, the company was faced with a rapidly changing environment and increasingly complex challenges such as finding enough housing for refugees. Its structure, processes, communication, work culture and capacity for innovation needed to be completely overhauled to enable the anticipation of future trends and faster reaction time. 

Throughout one and a half years, my colleagues and I accompanied BIM in a complex change process using an open-strategy approach. Not only was the strategy open as the goal was continuously adjusted throughout many iterations, but the process itself was also open as well by including all 500 employees, stakeholders and target groups on different levels. The result was a collectively created new strategy, supported and spread through cultural change.

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