My Story

I am an organizational developer and communication strategist for eco-social projects with a focus on new work, collective leadership, (virtual) facilitation and remote work.

I guide organizations and teams through powerful transformation processes towards purpose-oriented work that serves our society and our planet – in English as well as in German.

With nearly 10 years' experience in the fields of transformation and communication, I've learned that true change starts from within and is sparked by purpose and passion. Finding the spark, looking at the big picture, asking the right questions and listening attentively is all part of what I do.

I take aspects of creative concepts and transformative methods such as Theory U, Design Thinking and Dragon Dreaming and apply them to my client’s needs to achieve the best outcome.

Using a systemic and holistic approach, we work together to discover root causes, create powerful communication and drive lasting change.
Having studied Media and Communication Science (B.A.) and Political Communication (M.A.), I've long been fascinated by what shapes people's behavior, public opinion and societal change.

When I then began working in the field of civil society communication, I soon realized that effective campaigning and branding starts at the very core of an organization. Expanding my expertise into the field of organizational development equipped me with powerful and creative tools to get to this core, reflect on an organization's culture and purpose, strengthen its identity and engage its audience. Combining the best of both worlds – communication and organizational development – to support organizations in changing this world for the better is what motivates me every day.

Since 2015, I've been passionately part of Wigwam eG, a communication and organizational development consultancy for eco-social projects and a self-organized cooperative based in Berlin.

As one of the founding members of the cooperative, during my position as an executive board member and during my current position as chairwomen of the board, I've co-created Wigwam's collective leadership model and established Wigwam's role as a pioneer of New Work alongside my client work.
My personal mission has become the revolution of our working world. I envision a new digital age in which the well-being of our society and planet are at the center, in which conventional power structures don't uphold, in which horizontal participation and leadership are the necessary means to tackle our rising societal challenges and in which each one of us is given the same opportunity to live to their full potential.

After having lived and worked in Berlin for a long time, I've recently made my dream come true by moving to the country side and working mostly remote.

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